Museum of Saint-Petersburg history

«Museum of the History of St. Petersburg-Petrograd. 1703-1918» is located in the spacious rooms of the Commandant`s House near the Peter and Paul Cathedral. There are displayed exhibits devoted to the 300-year history of the «ceremonial» capital of the Russian Empire.

«Museum of the Old Petersburg» was founded in 1907, and after 1918 it was located in the Rumyantsev`s Mansion on English Embankment. However after World War II the exposition «Leningrad in the years of the Great Patriotic War» was placed in the main rooms of the Rumyantsev`s Mansion, while the expositions devoted to the history of St. Petersburg were moved in the Commandant`s House of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The history of the Nevsky region before the foundation of the city in 1703 is presented in the first part of the museum. There you can see items discovered during archaeological diggings, maps and plans, pictures devoted to the life of Petersburg. The other rooms of the museum are devoted to the everyday life of the ceremonial capital of the Russian Empire in 19 century. The exposition of each room is devoted to a separate subject: trade and banking, the life of a tenement building and transport, urban clothing, urban amenities and the emerging of cinema.