North-East of France attractions

On the Geo Meridian online travel guide ( the "North-East of France" region consist of the departments included in the 8 historical provinces from a small area in the North Atlantic in the Calais region, to the regions near the border with Germany and Belgium.

"North-East of France" includes the provinces: Ile-de-France (Paris), Picardy (Amiens), Nord-pas-de-Calais (Lille), Champagne-Ardennes (Reims), Lorraine (Metz), Alsace (Strasbourg), Burgundy (Dijon), Franche-Comte (Besancon).

In the North-East of France, there are located many cities interesting for sightseeing tourism. First of all, it is Paris and Strasbourg. However, small towns are also interesting for sightseeing and gastronomic tourism. In Reims, the capital of the province of Champagne, you can try the famous champagne, in Alsace - Alsatian wines, and in Burgundy - Burgundy wines.