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North-West of France attractions

On the Geo Meridian online travel guide ( the region"North-West of France" consist of the departments included in the 5 historical provinces located in the region of the Brittany Peninsula in the North Atlantic Coast. 

The North-West of France includes the provinces: Haute and Lower Normandy (Rouen), the Central region, which can also be called the Loire Valley (Orleans), Poitou-Charente (La Rochelle), Pays-de-La-Loire, which can also be called the Western Loire (Nantes), and Brittany itself (Brest).

There are a lot of castles in this region, which are located in the world-famous area of the "Loire Valley". There are many natural attractions on the Atlantic coast and beautiful cities in the Brittany . You must see the castle of Mont Saint-Michel at the western coast of Normandy. 

In the province of Poitou-Charente, there is a region of Cognac, where you can see grapes valleys and numerous trade houses of famous Cognac. This is a great place for gastronomic tourism.