Pan-beaches of Cranz is well-known beaches at the base of the Curonian spit, in the vicinity of Zelenogradsk. These beaches are located among the dunes, so they are protected from the Baltic wind. The sea here is very clear, with a gentle entrance and a sandy bottom.

Pan-beaches were one of the main arguments of the doctor of medicine and adviser in the Konigsberg district when he was assigned to choose a place for a sea resort. He noted the purity of the water, green spaces of the Curonian spit. In addition, the impact of the wave on the shore in this place is the strongest; therefore, air is saturated with useful substances. However, there are no such pan-beaches as at the base of the Curonian spit in other places on the Baltic sea coast.

We are talking about the dunes of the Curonian spit on the Baltic sea coast, which have a lot of hollows protected from the wind. The sand in these places warms up so much that they became known as "pans". In Sunny weather, you can sunbathe here from May to October, although the bathing season on the Baltic sea is short.

The beach called "Pan" is located near the City Park in the north of Zelenogradsk. The Northern part of the City Park passes into the forest of the Curonian spit. However, in this place, it is still a normal beach with an embankment, as in the center of the city. The real "pans" among the dunes are located to the North. They can be reached on foot, but it is better to drive.