The Piazza del Campo is the main square of Siena. In this place three hills meet, so the square has the shape of a shell. The square itself has a small incline allowing tourists to sit there like in an amphitheatre and enjoy the view of medieval houses surrounding the square.

The first records of the square date back to 1169. The Palazzo Pubblico together with the Torre del Mangia is in the lower part of the square. You can ascend onto the tower to have a look at the square and the mazes of the historical part of the city from above. Totally, eight streets branch from the square. Some of the streets are only three meters wide.

Many tourists came to see the Palio di Siena. This famous horse race is held around the edges of the square twice a year, on July, 2 and on August, 16. The race is preceded by a colourful pageant in medieval costumes where each of 17 quarters presents their jockey. The race properly usually lasts no more than two minutes. But all the same it is a big event in the life of the city.

The famous Fountain of the World (Fonte Gaia) is in the upper part of the square. The fountain was designed and built by sculptor Jacopo della Quercia in 1412. The Palazzo Sansedoni is near the Fountain of the World. The palace was built by the richest family of Siena in 13 century.