Ronda is a small Spanish town near Seville, which is squeezed on the edge of steep precipice, and its peculiar architecture attracts a lot of tourists. There located one of the most famous corrida stadiums in Spain, but the main tourist attraction of Ronda is the bridge spanning a narrow but very deep gorge.

At the first sight there is nothing special in the bridge, which length doesn’t exceed 40 meters. And only when you look down, you understand that the bridge pillars reach the height of hundreds of meters. On both sides of the precipice there are observation decks allowing to see the bridge in all its beauty. And to the left of the bridge there are several restaurants with the view of the bridge. And if you aren’t unwilling to go down along the gorge you can see the bridge from below. And only from there you can appreciate all its scale and beauty.

Many tourists go there to see corrida. Ronda school is one of the most famous in Spain. The shops of the city are filled with postcards of well-known toreadors, which are the idols of local public.

The best variant to visit Ronda is to go there for a day, to wander along the picturesque streets of the city, to have a dinner in a small restaurant with a view of the bridge, and then go to corrida in the evening. Ronda is in the immediate vicinity of such resorts as Costa del Sol and Seville. Alternatively, you can make a short stop, say for several hours, in Ronda on the way to Seville.