Sierra Nevada mountain range is 30 kilometers to the east of Granada. The height of the highest Mulhacen Mountain reaches 3482 meters. In winter a skiing resort is in operation there, and in summer it is a great place for trekking.

The resort center of Sierra Nevada is the town of Pradollano. It is very crowded in winter, at the height of skiing season, but in summer it is empty. There are various ski slopes, and the southern climate gives a large number of sunny days even in winter.

In summer Sierra Nevada is of interest for trekking along the paths of a biosphere reserve. Sierra Nevada with the peaks Mulhacen (3482 m) and Veleta (3392 m) is the second largest mountain range after the Alps, and has 15 peaks with the height exceeding 3000 meters. On the slopes of the mountains one can observe a huge variety of plants (more than 2 thousand species), including very rare ones. The fauna of Sierra Nevada biosphere reserve is also very diverse. 

In the mountains of Sierra Nevada there are many glacial lakes, beautiful gorges. Oak and pine forests are interspersed with alpine meadows and completely bare rocky massifs. All this creates very picturesque landscapes.