Saint Isaac skit in Solovetsky island

St. Isaac skit is located in the close proximity to the Ascension skit on the Sekirnaya mountain and Savvatievo skit of Solovetsky monastery. The hermits observing the most austere monastic rules had always settled there for centuries.

But in the course of time the St. Isaac skit, as all the other skits of the Solovki, were involved in the economic life of the Solovetsky Kremlin. And since the largest meadows in Solovki were located there, the monks of St. Isaac skit were engaged in making hay for the winter.

Unfortunately, neither residential buildings nor churches of St. Isaac skit survived to our time. Today the visitors can see two boulder barns, one of them in the immediate vicinity of the Karasye (crucian) Lake, and the other on the hill, as well as the memorial cross.

St. Isaac skit is included in the tour during which the tourists visit the Ascension skit on the Sekirnaya mountain, as well as the Savvatievo skit. You must visit St. Isaac skit if only to admire the beautiful landscape, which was painted by the artist Mikhail Nesterov.

On his picture «Silence», he depicted two monks fishing on the Karasye (crucian) Lake at the foot of the Sekirnaya mountain. The picture is housed at the Tretyakov Gallery.