Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country, as to its territory and population. It stretches for thousands of kilometers up to arctic latitudes.

Stockholm is considered to be one of the most beautiful capital cities of Northern Europe. It is located on several interconnected islands. Most interesting sights of the city are in Hamla Stan or Old Town, which is closed transport vehicles. However, there are also many curious sights on the adjacent islands. In Stockholm every old house is painted red. The houses of the 18th century are yellow, and older houses are white.

«Lake Country» is noted for its peculiar northern nature. The lakes are interconnected by numerous canals, which make it possible to cover huge distances. Most beautiful Gota Canal connects Lake Veren, one of the largest lakes in Europe, with the Baltic Sea.

You should go to Gotland. It is an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and its hills make it very favorable for defense. And because of this it was an important military base in the Middle Ages. It has many buildings of that period and very beautiful mountain landscapes.