Tersane Bay is the destination of large ships carrying tourists to Kekova. Because of the shallow water, the tourist ships cannot enter the bay of Simena, and so they go only at some distance from the coast with the ruins of Dolihiste, but in Tersana Bay most ships do stop and tourists can have a glimpse of the ruins of the flooded city from under water while swimming in its azure waters.

In Dolihiste, in the area of the flooded city, not only diving, but also snorkeling is strictly prohibited. Thus, actually, swimming in Tersana Bay is the only opportunity to have a dip during this tour. Then again, at the bottom of the picturesque bay there remained only large objects, strong walls. There are also a lot of ruins of Lycian houses on the shore of the bay, so you should go ashore to wander among the ruins of the settlement of the 5th century B.C.