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The wonders of nature in Russia

The territory of Russia occupies 11 time zones. The flight from Moscow to Vladivostok takes more than 8 hours. It is obvious that many beautiful nature reserves and other amazing places are located there.

The word "unique" should always be used with caution, but it concern to lake Baikal in full. The highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus, is located on the Northern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range. Kamchatka has more than 500 volcanoes, more than 30 of them are active. In this review is presented not entire nature reserves, but natural attractions that are of particular interest.

In the Astrakhan region (near Caspian sea), there is a lake Baskunchak. Its salinity level is 300%, the same as in the Dead sea, but the composition of the water of these reservoirs is different. In the Southern Urals maintain, there is a Taganay reserve, where you can see a Big Stone River. This pile of stone blocks weighing from 3 to 10 tons is very similar to the river. It reaches 6 kilometers in length and up to 500 meters in width. A similar river exists only in India.

In Adygea, on the Northern slope of the Caucasus range, there is a Granite canyon along which the Belaya river flows. There are a lot of different canyons in the world, but almost nowhere the river broke through a canyon in powerful granite rocks. In the world, granite quarries are more famous, and in Adygea you can see a full-fledged granite canyon of mountain river.

In the Curonian spit nature reserve, there is a small part of forest called the Dancing forest. All the trees there have an unusual twisted shape, either in an arc or around their axis. 

In the Caucasian nature reserve there are a few places: Navalishensky canyon, the canyon of the Psakho river, the Yew-Tree grove, where you can see the primeval forest.

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