The Transfiguration Cathedral of Nevyansk is on the shore of an artificial lake, near the Leaning Tower. The magnificent classic-style cathedral founded in 1824 has survived to our days. By capacity it is one of the largest cathedrals in the Urals.

When Nikita Demidov could to start production of pig iron, which was very important for the country, in Nevyansk, Peter I granted him a charter of ownership of the local lands with several prescriptions, including the construction of a church at the ironwork. 

A wooden church of the Transfiguration was built and consecrated by 1710. The decision on the construction of a stone cathedral was taken only a century later, in 1824. The cathedral was consecrated in 1830. In 1851 a bell tower of 64 meters was built. It was higher than the Leaning Tower (57 m).

The cathedral has 5 faience iconostasis. They were made at Sysert Porcelain Factory. You can similar iconostasis in the Holy Cross Cathedral in Verkhoturye and in the Church on the Blood in Yekaterinburg.