Vyborg is 130 kilometers to the north-west of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. Vyborg was a Russian city, when the entire Finland was part of the Russian Empire in 1801-1918. After Finland became independent in 1918, the city first belonged to Finland and then to the USSR after the Finnish-Russian War of 1940.

The center of the city can be of great interest as an example of medieval architecture, and it is very picturesque, particularly in the neighborhood of Krepostnaya (fortress) Street. In some place there remained the houses of 18-19 centuries, as well as cobblestone pavements. And the roads are rather rough (hills and inclines) adding a special flavor to the historical center of Vyborg.

Having a promenade in the center of Vyborg you should have a look at the Clock Tower. Ear-lier this was a bell tower of the city cathedral, however the cathedral was destroyed and the bell tower together with a clock and the bell, which was given to the city by the empress Catherine II, remained until our days. You can climb up the tower to have the panoramic view of the Old Town. It will be interesting to see the Round Tower on the marketplace.

The most significant site of the city - Vyborg Castle – is on a small island opposite the Old Town. The castle was built by the Swede in 1293, but until our days only the buildings of the 15th century survived. The castle is enclosed by a strong wall, with the big Tower of St. Olaf and several military buildings in the center of the castle. You can climb up the tower to have a panoramic view of Vyborg and its environs.

When in Vyborg you should make a trip to the Mon Repos located 2 kilometers to the north of Vyborg Castle at the outskirts of Vyborg. Mon Repos is a beautiful landscape park. There one can see the original landscapes of Karelia: northern coniferous forests, moss-covered rocks, lakes, streams. In the 19th century there was located the estate of Ludwig Nicolai who was the President of St. Petersburg`s Academy. And even today you can see the estate, as well as many other curious constructions and pavilions scattered all round the park.