The White Tower pavilion was built in 1827 in the Alexander Park near the Alexander Palace. It was intended for physical and military exercises of the sons of Nicholas I.

The White Tower pavilion was designed in the Gothic style by the architect Adam Menelaus, at the same time as the Arsenal pavilion. In the center of the complex there was built the White Tower of 38 meters high (6 floors). 

Previously, the Menagerie was located in this place, where animals were kept for royal hunting. It was not completely dismantled, therefore, around the White Tower, a fortification wall, bastions and a moat with water remained. An artificial garden is in the center.

The walls of the tower were painted white. All interiors were designed in the style of the English Middle Ages. Cast-iron lions and knights in armor were placed at the foot of the tower.

The children of Nicholas I, Alexander, Nicholas, Mikhail and Constantine, were trained in the White Tower. On the sports ground, there were installed running tracks, a boom, merry-go-rounds and many other gym equipment. The children were taught seamanship using a huge ship mast. The studio of the court painter was located in the Tower, a telescope for astronomy classes was installed at the top of the Tower.

Now in the tower there is an interactive center for the development of children where they can attend various classes and master classes. Excursions for tourists are also held there.  Various sculptures are installed in front of the tower, the prototypes of which are famous paintings of European artists.