Polenovo estate park has an area of 870 hectares. Beautiful meadows and forests are along the Oka, although the park, which is within the estate properly, is completely man-made. When the Polenov bought the land, this hill was bare.

The painter himself planted both the trees in the park and the flower gardens around the house. At present the trees in the park are already quite large but the layout and location of all buildings remained as they were in the time of Polenov.

An alley flanked with pine trees is leading from the entrance of the estate to the Big House. Apart from the Big House, at the park you can visit exhibitions in the Half-timbered house (former carpentry workshop) and in the Admiralty (former storage of boats they sailed in on the Oka). Also, it will be very interesting to visit the Abbey where Polenov painted his pictures. 

After a visit to Polenovo you should go to the village of Brekhovo, which is only 5 kilometers from the estate. There from an overlook on the high bank you can enjoy a very beautiful view of the bend of the Oka.