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Moscow Kremlin

Previously, the only entrance to the Moscow Kremlin was the Kutafya Tower in the Alexander Garden. Now most tourists enter the Kremlin from the Red Square through the Spasskaya Tower. So, consider the route through the Kremlin from the Spasskaya Tower.

Entering the Kremlin walls, you will find yourself in the Tainitsky Garden. Excavations of the Chudov Monastery are carried out here. You can visit the Museum of Archeology of the Chudov Monastery. Next, go to the Tsar Bell. Turn right and go to the Tsar Cannon. Then go to the Cathedral Square. To your left will be the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great. There are excursions that allow you to climb the tower, but you have to buy tickets in advance.

On the right you will see the Assumption Cathedral, which for several centuries was the main cathedral of Russia. It was used for anointing the Russian tsars until 1918. Next to it is the Faceted Chamber, the Annunciation Cathedral and the Archangel Cathedral, built in the style of an Italian palazzo.

Step out onto the steep hillside to see the Moskva River. The Grand Kremlin Palace is located here. Walk along it and visit the most famous museums in Russia: the Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund. After that, you can exit the Kremlin through the Borovitsky Tower to the Alexander Garden.

General information
  • Number of places to visit : 11
  • Total route duration : Half day
  • Type of route : 0
  • Length of the route ~(km) :
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