On the high Borovitsky Hill one can see the largest palace in Moscow, which is called accordingly the Great Kremlin Palace. Despite the magnificence of its interiors, it is rather a problem to get in it, as the palace is a ceremonial residence of the President of Russia.

In 1838 the Russian Emperor Nicholas I commissioned the the architect Thon with the construction of the Great Kremlin Palace, as the previous palace, which was designed by Rastrelli, got dilapidated. The palace was the residence of the Russian monarchs during their visits to Moscow.

Only the façade of the Great Kremlin Palace overlooks the Moscow river, but actually, it is a complex of palace buildings, including the Palace of Facets (15 century) and the Terem palace (17 century).

The interiors of the Great Kremlin Palace amaze by their luxury, with state-rooms and private chambers decorated with the gorgeous gilding so characteristic of the Russian traditions. Free entry to the palace is closed. You can go on an excursion to the palace, but you must sign up a month before it, and the cost of the ticket will be very high – about $2000 per group ($200-400 per head). During the excursion to the Great Kremlin Palace you will also visit the Terem Palace, the Palace of Facets and the private chambers of the Russian tsars.

The main reception halls of the Great Kremlin Palace are: Georgievsky, Vladimirsky, Aleksandrovsky, and Andreyevsky. The largest and the most imposing of them is the Georgievsky Hall. It was named so for one of the main orders of the Russian Empire – the Order of St. George the Victor. The length of the hall is 61 m, and the width is 20.5 m.

Andreyevsky (Throne) Hall is at least as important. It was the main imperial hall in the Great Kremlin Palace. Vladimirsky Hall is linked to the Palace of Facets and the private chambers of the Russian tsars.

Beside the reception halls of the Great Kremlin Palace the `personal half` with the private chambers of the imperial family are located. Seven rooms are open for visiting: the studies of the emperor and empress, Reception Room, Boudoir, Bed-Room, and Drawing-Room. The `official half` has several more halls: Ekaterininsky Hall, Walnut Cloakroom, Meeting Hall, Gala Reception Hall, Gala Bedroom.