The Tainitsky Garden is located along the southern side of the Moscow Kremlin facing the Moscow River. The walking route through the Kremlin is built in such a way that tourists go to the Tainitsky Garden after visiting all the sights on Cathedral Square: the Assumption Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral and the Archangel Cathedral, as well as the Ivan the Great Bell Tower.

The Tainitsky Garden has the Upper Part, also known as the Kremlin Public Garden, as well as the Lower Part, which is located at the foot of the Kremlin Hill and along the Kremlin Wall. The Lower Part of the Tainitsky Garden is closed for tourists.

Coming from Cathedral Square to the high embankment of the Moscow River you should turn left. It is there, near the Archangel Cathedral, that the Kremlin Public Garden of the Tainitsky Garden begins. Along the alleys there are beautiful flowerbeds, the Peacock (Bird of Happiness) fountain. One of the oaks was planted there by Yuri Gagarin on April 14, 1961, two days after his return from space.