Kremlin Senate in Moscow

The official residence of the President of Russia, with his private office, is located in the Kremlin Senate in the Ivanovskaya Square. It can be well seen from the Cathedral Square, but the passage of tourists is prohibited.

The Kremlin Senate was designed between 1776 and 1787 by the architect Matvey Kazakov in the reign of the Russian Empress Catherine II. It became the Moscow branch of the Governing Senate, the supreme governmental body of the Russian Empire. But the main seat of the Senate is in St. Petersburg, in the building of the Senate and the Synod in the Senate Square, where the monument to Peter I is located.

As St. Petersburg was the capital, the Moscow Kremlin Senate housed various secondary institutions. Everything was changed after the government of Russia had moved to Moscow in 1918. Lenin and Stalin worked there, and later the Kremlin Senate was given to the Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Today it houses the residence of the President of Russia: his study and reception room. All formal state ceremonies are held in the Catherine`s Hall within the Kremlin Senate.

Near the Kremlin Senate – the residence of the President of Russia, one can see a large rectangular building of yellow color – it is the Arsenal built by Peter I for the storage of ammunition. The cannons of past centuries are along the building. Today it houses the Presidential Regiment.