The picturesque Abrau Lake is located in the mountain basin 20 kilometers west of Novorossiysk, not far from the Black Sea coast. The apanage estate of the tsar family Abrau-Durso was founded on its shore in 1870.

Almost at once they began to grow grapes there and Abrau-Durso became one of the centers of Russian wine industry. In 1877, the first harvest of Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Franc grape and other wine varieties of grape was reaped there. And in 1891, Prince Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn was appointed the chief winemaker of the Appanage Department. By that time he was already a famous Russian winemaker.

Since 1878, he was the owner of the Paradise estate located in the Crimea at the foot of Sokol (Falcon) Mountain (now it is the settlement of Novy Svet). There, on an area of 20 hectares, Golitsyn founded a nursery where he cultivated about 500 grape varieties and created the industrial production of high-quality champagne wines.

Having the experience of the traditional production of champagne wines by aging them in underground tunnels in Novy Svet, in Abrau-Durso he immediately began to build advanced cellars. In the period of 1894-1900, there were built a winery and 5 cellars. The first champagne wine of the Abrau-Durso brand was released in 1898.

The winery on the shore of Lake Abrau is still in operation and produces some of the best champagne wines in Russia. A lot of tourists come there to visit the cellars and production departments of a winery with such a long history. On the shore of Abrau Lake the village of the same name is located. However, for recreation, tourists prefer to go to the small village Durso, which is 7 km off on the seaside.

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Old production building of the Аbrau Durso Winery
Oak tubs in the underground tunnels of Abrau-Durso where champagne is seasoned before bottling
After seasoning in the tubs champagne is bottled and seasoned tilted at the certain angle
Abrau Durso champagne is seasoned in this bottles
Underground tunnels where the Abrau Durso champagne is seasoned
Winery Building erected under the emperor Alexander III
The place where the excursions of the Abrau Durso Winery are started
Oak tubs for seasoning champagne in the undeground tunnels
Assemblage, one of the first stages in production of sparkling wines where the alcohol from different grape varieties is mixed
Chardonnay, one of the main grape varieties used for production of sparkling wines
The decree of the emperor Alexander II ordering the creation of the Abrau Durso Winery
Type of soil in the environs of Abrau Durso which made it possible to grow grapes for sparkling wines
Recreation zone of the Abrau Durso Winery
The Grotto, one of three in-house wine shops of Abrau Durso
Lake before the Abrau Durso Winery
Small beach of the lake before the Abrau Durso Winery
Embankment of the lake before the Abrau Durso Winery
Abrau Durso sparkling wines (champagne) are seasoned in such racks tilted at the special angle and located in the undeground tunnels
Pleasure boat on the lake before the Abrau Durso Winery
All of the hilly area in the environs of the Abrau Durso Winery is given over to vineyards
Small summer stage for various performances before the Abrau Durso Winery