On a separate ground in front of the entrance of museum Military Glory of Ural are located the combat planes of World War II, both home-produced and lend-lease aircraft. And near the exhibition complex you can see the modern planes.

Il-2 was the basic aircraft of the war period. It was manufactured at the Samara aircraft factory. It was the most-produced plane in the world history of aircraft construction. Totally, there were produced 36 thousand planes during 1942-45. 

You can also see the high-speed strike aircraft ANT-2 (1934-41), the scout aircraft Р-5 (1930-41), the front-line fighter Yak-9 (1942-48), as well as the fighter bomber BELLH-63 Kingcobra (1943).

Modern jet planes are near the exhibition complex: fighter interceptor MiG-31 (1975-1994), fighter bomber Su-17 (1969-1990), strike aircraft Su-24 (1971-1993), light front-line fighter interceptor MiG-21 (1962-1968). 

On the show-floor behind the exhibition complex you can the modern combat helicopters MI-8, MI-24 and MI-2. MI-8 is the most-produced twin-engined helicopter in the world.