The three-story building of the Museum of the Battle Glory of the Urals is of special interest. In the center of the first-floor room you can see curious vintage cars of the Soviet Union and USA. Above them are hanged the war planes of World War II and on each side of them are installed the motor cars and lorries of the Great Patriotic War.  

A complete collection of all Soviet cars is on the second floor of the museum. Some of them are still in running condition. There you can trace the evolution of Zhiguli from the first to the last model. There you can also see all models of Moskvich, Zaporozhets and Volga as well as many other cars and motor cycles.

Finally, on the third floor of the museum you can get acquainted with the collections of orders and medals of the war and post-war periods. There you can also see small arms and military uniforms dating back to the 19 century. However, most stands are devoted to the Great Patriotic War.