The beautiful Assumption Cathedral is in the center of the Tula Kremlin. The cathedral was built by Tula architects on the place of the wooden church in 1762-1764. It was built in the style of «stone patternwork» of Moscow baroque and is rightly considered the most beautiful temple in Tula.

In 1772 a 70-meter belfry with 22 bells was attached to the cathedral. The Church of Tychon, bishop of Amathus, is in the lower tier of the belfry. For many years the belfry was the main dominant of the city facing Kievskaya Street (today Lenin Avenue). The belfry was blown up in 1930. It was restored in all its original splendor in 2015. You must enter the cathedral to see the monumental paintings by Yaroslavl masters dating back to 1765-1766.

At the end of the 18th century a seven tier gilded iconostasis was made by Tula masters. Nycander, archbishop of Tula (in 1893) and three under age children of Tula voivode Skobeltsin (in 1765) were buried at the Assumption Cathedral.