For a long time Tula Arms Museum was located at one of the shops of the Arms Plant. And in 1989, to make its collections more accessible for tourists, they were moved to the Epiphany Cathedral of the Tula Kremlin.

In 2012 the collections of Tula Arms Museum were moved in a new building on the embankment of the Upa river. Only the exposition «The Arms of the East of 17-19 Centuries» remained in the Epiphany Cathedral. It is a small but very interesting exposition in Museum of weapon in Tula Kremlin.

There you can see swords, sabres, knives, daggers, dirks and the other specimens of cold weapon. The exposition also includes various kinds of spears and axes such as lances, halberds and pole-axes. All these weapons have different variants of bends and grind.

Weapons from different countries are on separate stands: Transcaucasia, Iran, Nepal, Thailand, India and Uzbekistan. The weapons of the peoples of Northern Africa is also presented at the exposition.