The memorial «bell tower» was installed on the Prokhorovskoye Field, on the high point 252.2, which was a strategically very important place in the tank battle on July 12, 1943.  Totally, over 1000 tanks took part in the battle and the fighting for this high point was especially fierce.

The bell tower consists of 4 white stone pylons. Its height is 59 meters. The bell tower is crowned with a gold sphere, the historical symbol of the Russian state. Theotokos (Virgin Mary) with a veil in her hands is on the gold sphere. There are 24 high reliefs depicting various stages of the war on the walls of the bell tower.

A bell of 3,5 tonnes is inside the bell tower. The bell tolls three times an hour (every 20 minutes) reminding the people of the three victories the Russian warriors won on the three battlefields: Kulikovskoye, Borodinskoye and Prokhorovskoye.

The sculptures of three military leaders who commanded the battles on the fields were installed near the bell tower. They are Dmitry Donskoy, Mikhail Kutuzov and Georgy Zhukov. The Soviet tanks Т-34, which took part in the Battle of Prokhorovka, are also in front of the bell tower.