The Victory Park on the Prokhorovskoye Field is near the memorial bell tower on the side of Prokhorovka. The symbolic roof of the Reichstag with the victory banner above it is at the entrance to the park. A beautiful apple garden is near it.

Three granite steles are also at the entrance to the park: the plan of the battles at the Kursk salient, the plan of the Battle of Prokhorovka and the list of the units of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht before the Battle of Kursk.

The park itself is divided into five parts. The Alley of the Defenders of the Motherland begins at the entrance to the park. It is followed by the Alley of the Military Leaders where one can see the two monuments to the military leaders who directed the battles at the Kursk salient, as well as the military leaders of the tank armies, which took part in the Battle of Prokhorovka.

The Alley of Combat Heroism includes the following sculpture compositions: a platoon commander, a nurse, senior lieutenant Shpetny, sergeant-artillerist Borisov. The chapel where they pray for the soldiers who were killed in the Prokhorovskoye Field is at end of the park.