Borgia Apartments in Vatican museums

Several rooms of the Vatican palace are known as the apartments of Borgia. They were the personal rooms of Pope Alexander IV. His name was Rodrigo Borgia before he was elected Pope. The apartments were highly decorated by artists Pinturicchio and Perugino (teacher of Raphael).

Rodrigo Borgia who was born in Spain is a very controversial figure in the history of papacy. His influential opponents believed that he was elected Pope by way of fraud and bribery and spread rumors about his dissipation, perfidy and corruption. And under Alexander IV the authority of papacy was dealt a serious blow. For this reason no other Popes did not want to live in the apartments of Borgia even though they were sumptuously decorated.

The apartments of Borgia include the Room of the Sybils, the Hall of the Wonders of the Faith, the Hall of the Mysteries of the Faith, the Hall of the Saints, the Hall of Trivium and of Quadrivium and the Hall of Pontiffs. The Hall of Pontiffs is the largest of five rooms. Ceremonial events were usually held in the room. Portraits of Popes were painted on the walls of the Hall of Pontiffs. Unfortunately, the portraits did not survive to our days.