Brivibas Boulevard and Bastion Hill Park in Riga

Bastion Hill Park is a long strip of land to the north of the old town Riga, with Brivibas Boulevard in the middle of it (Freedom Boulevard). Freedom Monument was erected on the boulevard in 1935.

Bastion Hill Park stretches for several kilometers along the former Riga Canal. In the course of several centuries there were strong fortifications, a mound and 14 bastions, on the site. In 19 century they were demolished and replaced by the Bastion Hill city park.

In the park there survived the remains of demolished fortifications, making it more picturesque. There are twisting paths and many waterfalls and fountains in the Bastion Hill. You may also have a boat ride.

On the Brivibas Boulevard you can see two city landmarks – the Freedom Monument and the Laima Clock. There are always many people at the Laima Clock as it once was a traditional meeting place, especially for lovers. And even when the mobile phone was invented, which make it easier for people to find each other, all the same they continued to make appointments at this clock.

The Freedom Monument, a column of 42 meters high, is located in the middle of the pedestrian area of Brivibas Blvd. The column is topped by a copper figure of a woman lifting three gilded stars, symbolizing the constitutional districts of Latvia: Vidzeme, Latgale and Courland. At the base of the monument you can see the bas-reliefs depicting the characters of the Baltic epic. The guard of honor is also present at the Freedom Monument.