One of the most beautiful streets of the Old Riga is between the Dome Square and Town Hall Square. It would be pleasant to have a walk on it at the daytime and it would be even better to have a meal at one of its numerous restaurants at night. There were shot ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’, and many other films.

In the Soviet film ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’ it was called the Flower Street, but actually it is marked as St. Jauniela (New Street) on city maps. However, the fictitious name (Flower Street) quite corresponds to its appearance as flowers are almost everywhere there, in the windows and balconies of all houses. By all means should you include the street in your route, if you go from the Town Hall Square to the Dome Square.

The hotels ‘Justas’ and ‘Alex’, called so after the names of the Soviet special agents from the film ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’ are located on Jauniela Street. You can see also the same house with a flower in the window, where the professor Pleishner came. And round the corner there were shot many scenes from the films about Sherlock Holmes – that was the «Baker Street» of London.

There are a lot of open air restaurants all along the street, and the restaurants are always full of people. The House of the Blackheads, Dome (Riga) Cathedral and St. Peter`s Church are located in the immediate vicinity of Jauniela Street. And the Old Riga is so small that you could reach any place of this city on foot.