Chegem river in Chegem gorge

The length of The Chegem canyon is 3 kilometers. It ends 200 meters behind the Grand Chegem waterfalls. Then the rocks part, and the road goes to the southern slope of the Rocky ridge of the Caucasus mountains. Here begins a dry valley with sparse vegetation. However, here is the most beautiful mountain landscapes of the Chegem gorge begin along the Chegem riverbed.

The distance from the Chegem waterfalls to the Village of Eltybiy is 20 kilometers. The Chegem river constantly winds among the rocks, so that almost every turn offers very picturesque views. The height of the surrounding rocks does not exceed 3000 meters, but their shape is very beautiful.

A few kilometers before the village Eltybiy, the mountains again closing. Here there is a left turn of the road uphill. This road leads to the paragliding camp. Even if you do not plan to fly, it is worth going up here to enjoy the beautiful views. From this camp, there are many trails for trekking in the surrounding area. There are also 2 rocks for jumping from a height of 50 and 110 meters. Near the village of Eltybiy there is a mountain where you can jump from a height of 250 meters. This is the highest mountain for jumping in Russia.

On the right side before the village Eltybiy rises the steep slope of the mountain Julyy. It is also called a Pyramid. It reaches a height of 2528 meters. In this place, you can already see the peaks of the mountains of the Main Caucasus range, whose height exceeds 3000 m.

The village of Bulungu is located 4 kilometers outside the village of Eltybiu. The road to it runs along the slope of the Cheget Bashi mountain. The road ends in Bulungu. Beyond the village of Bulungu there is a border Outpost. Further routes are only available to trained people with climbing equipment. Above the village rise the mountains above 3 thousand meters: Moukalaba, Elipse, Hungup, Bark. The highest of them is Korgashiklitau peak (3813 m). Its top is always covered with snow.