Chegem waterfalls in Caucasus mountains

Chegem waterfalls can be called one of the most beautiful sights in the Central part of the Caucasus. They are located in The Chegem gorge, in 35 kilometers from the turnoff of the Pyatigorsk-Nalchik highway. Usually organized excursions end at the waterfalls, but if you have time and car, it is also interesting to see the Chegem gorge itself.

After passing the village of Nizhny Chegem, you have to stop after 1.5 kilometers. Leave your car in the parking and walk 200 meters up to the mountains. There is the waterfall Aidai-su (Maiden`s spit), the highest of the Chegem waterfalls. It is located in a stone trough, and a powerful jet falls down from a height of 30 meters.

The Big Chegem waterfalls are located directly in The Chegem canyon behind the village of Khushto-Syrt. The first views of the waterfall on the river Sakala-Tup. Big Waterfalls located a little further. They are formed by the river Kayarti that falls in the gorge from a height of 50 meters. This part of the falls is the most beautiful. All the waterfalls are of different height and appearance. There are small waterfalls that gush out of a sheer cliff in narrow streams. Some of them flow through the moss thickets from a height of 50 meters. Many waterfalls fall into the gorge in cascades. Some waterfalls are called “Crying”. In general, you can see thousands of jets in different parts of the rock.

If you have the time and energy, you have to go up the stairs. The height of the stairs is 222 steps. From the upper platform, you can admire the beauty of the Chegem waterfalls and the Chegem gorge. The sun sets in the narrow Chegem Canyon only for 2 hours, and at this time you can see a rainbow among the water dust of the waterfalls. In winter, the Chegem waterfalls freeze. They become similar to stalactites and stalagmites, which attracts as many tourists as in summer.