The Communal Bridge is one of the three bridges of Krasnoyarsk, connecting the banks of the Yenisei river. Its beautiful and strong arches are considered a symbol of the city, along with the Chapel of Paraskeva on Karaulnaya Hill. They are depicted on 10-rouble notes.

It was decided to build the bridge in 1940 but because of the war its construction began only in 1956. The total length of the bridge is 2300 meters. As of the time of its construction, the Communal Bridge was one of the longest bridges in Asia. The main peculiarity of the construction of the bridge was the installation of twenty semi-arches of 1560 tonnes each using the then advanced technology of floating structures. 

The Communal Bridge was included in the UNESCO Reference Book «Bridge Engineering of the World». Sometimes the bridge is cited as an example of the late Stalin`s Empire.

It was divided in two parts (940 and 410 meters), with the Recreation Island between them. After the construction of the bridge was finished there were built a lot of various structures for nearly all sports, as well as walking paths, on the Recreation Island.