The Mininskie Stolby nature reserve complex is opposite Divnogorsk on the left bank of the Yenisei river. Partially, the Mininskie Stolby are similar to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby, although they are not as tall but as beautiful.

It would be better to spare a day for a trip to the Mininskie Stolby. Besides you need to take it into account that you will find there no marked tourist routes, so you should go there either with a guide or a detailed map. 

The border of the nature reserve comes close to the place where the Bolshaya Listvennaya river joins the Yenisei river. You can easily approach it from the side of the Krasnoyarsk HES. After you have crossed the bridge over the Yenisei you need turn right, descend to the river, turn left and go to a small village on the border of the nature reserve. Then you need go about 7 kilometers along the ETL to the path turning left to the Stolby.

You can also approach the Mininskie Stolby from the north, from the rail station Karaulnaya. You can go to this station by a suburban train. As in the case of going from the Yenisei, you must have a detailed map, as you can easily get lost on the unmarked forest paths.

The most beautiful stolby (pillars) are the First Stolb, Sail, Wizards, Eagle`s Nest, Moss Bed. The height of the highest pillar - the Sail - is 30 meters. Around them you can find a lot of smaller pillars and simply boulders. All of them are surrounded by the dense taiga forest of coniferous trees such as silver fir, cedar and spruce. You must climb up to the lookout called the «Divnogorsk Vidovka» on the mountain ridge.