The Court of the Pigna (Pine) also known as the Court of the Pine Cone is the most famous open court. It is between the Belvedere Palace and the Vatican Palace. The 4-meter pine cone was cast out of bronze by sculptor Publius Cincius Salvius in 1 A.D.

Until 1608 the pine cone was in the Campus Martius. And later it was moved to Vatican where, by the project of architect Donato Bramante, it was placed in the niche of the Vatican Palace. The bottom of the pine cone is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting Roman athletes. An ancient fountain is below the pine cone.

In 1990, under Pope John Paul II, in the middle of the Court of the Pigna the Golden Globe by Arnaldo Pomodoro was installed. The globe is a symbol of a our planet, with scars it is covered with showing the damage we deal to the Earth.