The community of Dombay with its many hotels and restaurants is the main starting point for all tours of the surrounding areas. However, if we talk about the beauty of the surrounding mountains, then the community itself can be considered a tourist attraction. It is interesting to walk along the streets and bridges to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers.

The bridge over the Alibek river is the most beautiful place in the community. It hangs over a deep gorge densely overgrown with spruce forest. From the bridge you can see the confluence of the rivers Alibek and Amnauz. Both the Alibek and Amnauz are full-flowing and fast rivers.

You can have a very beautiful view of the valley of the Dombay-Ulgen river from the windows of Dombay hotels. Both cable railway stations that can be used to climb the Mussa-Achitara ridge are near the place where the Dombay-Ulgen river falls into the Amnauz river. In winter, skiers ride on its slopes, and in summer from the top of the ridge you can admire the beauties of the surrounding mountains and see the community of Dombay itself, which is at the intersection of three valleys.