Ascension to the viewing point of the Musa-Achitara Mountain is the main event for the unprepared tourists visiting Dombai. From there you can have really wonderful views on the mountain valleys and mountain ridges of Dombai.

The lower cableway station is in the center of Dombai. There are three stations on the slope of the mountain, which are used by skiers to get to ski-runs in winter, and by those who want to admire the Caucasus Mountains from several viewing points in summer.

The first cableway station (2265 m) is the most crowded and, probably, it is from there that you can have the most beautiful views of the valleys of Alibek and Dombai-Ulgen rivers, as well as the beautiful Dombai mountains, including the highest one of them – the Dombai-Ulgen Mountain (4046 m). There are a lot of restaurants, including the famous «Flying Saucer», as well as the stands of local souvenir traders.

Climbing down from the cableway station you should turn right to get to the viewing point, from which you can see the Dombai Polyana (Glade) at the intersection of three valleys. Then you can go in the opposite direction on the slope of the mountain to see the mountain peaks from different angles.

Then you should ascend to the upper cableway stations. The second station (3035 m) is actually a transit one, so you may immediately continue to the third station (3200 m), the highest station of the Musa-Achitara mountain.

From there you can have a good view of the three mountain peaks of the Dombai-Ulgen (Ine, Dzhuguturluchat, Dombai-Ulgen) valley, which you can admire at the first station, and the entire Caucasus Ridge, though it should be noted that the views aren’t as picturesque. The fact is that beautiful valleys remained far below, and there you can see only mountain peaks and ridges, but even they have the attractiveness of their own.

You can feel it going along the ridge of the Musa-Achitara Mountain toward the Dombai-Ulgen Mountain; there you can see very beautiful mountain flowers growing among the boulders, overgrown with alpine mosses. However, you must be careful with long walks at this altitude. There you can feel the lack of oxygen in the rarefied air, so long walk, especially for those with some heart problems, aren’t recommended.