Gagarin street is parallel to the central part of Lenin Avenue, and the most interesting wooden houses remained on a small stretch from Plekhanov Lane to Frunze Avenue. Also an interesting wooden hotel is in the neighborhood of Batenkov Square.

On Gagarin street the wooden houses differ by their architecture. For example, near Plekhanov lane the ground floor of some wooden houses was reinforced with brickwork. Nearer to Frunze Avenue you can see several classic two-floor houses with beautifully decorated window surrounds. There are also single-story wooden houses with large windows and towers on Gagarin street.

Of a special interest is the former house of the merchant A. F. Gromov on 42, Gagarin St. The house was built in 1908 in the style of modern and has all features of this style such as asymmetric design and big windows. A helmet-shaped tower is above the entrance to the house. Now it is occupied by the hostel «The Hunter`s House».