It would be better to go to Shishkov street after you have visited the Tomsk ostrog. Coming down Voskresenskaya hill you should turn to the left and go on Obrub street running along the river Ushayka. Then you pass on Zagornaya street and descending a hill get to Shishkov street.

The first beautiful wooden house of the 19 century will be just at the corner of Zagornaya and Shishkov streets, namely on 1, Shishkov St. The most beautiful houses are the houses #10 and #14. 

The house #10 is the house of Shishkov. The Russian writer V. Y Shishkov lived in this house, which was built in 1905. There he wrote his first big story «Taiga». Today it is occupied by the House of Arts where various exhibitions are held.

The house #14 is a residential house but it has a very beautiful decor such as large, elaborately decorated windows and cornices, singling it out among the other wooden houses of Tomsk.