The Gerhart`s Mill is a part of the exposition of the museum of the Battle of Stalingrad. This is the only building, which was not restored after the war and is the evidence of fierce battles, which were fought around the embankment of Stalingrad.

Originally, it was a steam-powered mill, which was turned into a food processing complex after a fire in the beginning of 20 century.

During the construction the foundation and all the walls (not only bearing ones) were designed with the strength and vibration resistance of reinforced concrete structures, which turned very useful for the Soviet soldiers during the defense of Stalingrad in 1942. This mill became the main point to defend the Salt Quay, the only one via which troops could be transported, and ammunition and foodstuffs were delivered.

There are no severe damages on the wall facing the river. But on the side of Lenin Street where the German troops were attacking every centimeter of the wall is covered with the holes from heavy artillery shells. In addition to artillery, the mill building withstood dozens of direct hits of high-explosive air bombs.

The defense of Stalingrad was built on the following principle. The troops occupied buildings with strong walls and shot through the area from them. Nobody occupied wooden and adobe houses. In this area the Gerhart`s Mill and the nearby Pavlov`s House were the main strong points.