Panorama of Stalingrad battle photo

From the Triumphal hall of the State Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad you should ascend to the dome of the museum to look at the panorama «The defeat of German forces near Stalingrad».

The circular Panorama of Stalingrad battle is in the hall with subdued lighting at the top of the building. On the wall is the real picture of Mamaev Kurgan in Stalingrad, as it was at the time of its liberation from the Germans. And at the foot of the canvas the real equipment and trenches are placed producing the volume effect of the panorama.

The panorama is the largest picture in Russia. Its size is 16 х 120 meters, with total area of about 2000 m2. The latest version of the picture was created by the painters of Grekov Studio. 

On the first floor you can see several expositions dedicated to the outfit of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. All branches of troops are represented there: soldiers, pilots and sailors. 

You can also see both the summer and winter soldier clothes there. Of a special interest are the clothes of German soldiers, as well as the photo exhibition of the German generals who headed the combats near Stalingrad.