In the Guell Park, there is a pink mansion with a spire where the great architect Antonio Gaudi lived from 1906 to 1926. Since 1963, the Gaudi Museum has been located here.

The mansion was designed and built by the architect Sesk Berenger. It was built as a sample house, which wanted to offer customers Eusebi Guell in his developer project. The terrace of the house offers magnificent views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea.

However, customers for land plots were not found, and Guell offered to move into this house Gaudi himself. In 1906, Gaudi moved here with his father and niece. He lived there for 20 years, until he moved to the construction site of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, where he lived until his tragic death under the wheels of a tram on June 10, 1926.

The first floor of the Museum is occupied by furniture samples created by Gaudi’s designs and sketches. We all know Gaudi as a talented architect, but not many people know that he also designed furniture – in the same style as his houses. The furniture was moved here from Casa Mila.

On the second floor is completely recreated the atmosphere of Gaudi home. Here are his personal belongings, sketches of implemented and unfulfilled projects. In a separate room, you can view paintings by Picasso and Miro. The environment of Gaudi home is very modest. Gaudi`s bedroom has been preserved. Actually, in this house, he only occupied just this bedroom, where he only came to sleep. The rest of his time was spent on construction sites.