In the Guell Park area, there is no clear geometry, which is inherent in other parks. Designing walking alleys, Gaudi took into account the complex terrain of the mountain slope, so he made many galleries two-level. Many of the Park alleys are often called as "birds` nests" because of their curiously curved lines. 

In the Guell Park, he tried to integrate everything made by man into the landscape and at the same time preserve the pristine beauty of nature. In Guell Park there are several split-level galleries. On the sides they are randomly covered with stones. It looks surprisingly easy and beautiful. Very similar to the nests of swallows. That’s why the curiously curved paths and galleries of the Guell Park are called "birds` nests".

All the constructions in the Guell Park look very light, but they have stood without restoration for more than a century. For large succulents and agaves, stone vases are built along the walking paths. At the highest point of the Park, there is a stone Chapel with three crosses.