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Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Intercession in Voronezh

The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin is on a high hill (former Myasnaya Gora) over the Admiralty square. It is one of the city dominants clearly visible from the Voronezh River.

The first wooden church was built in this place in 1646. In 1700 St. Metrophanes, bishop of Voronezh, gave a chart for the construction of a stone cathedral. Up to the beginning of the 20th century it was cased in glass at the cathedral.

In 1748 the church was reconstructed and extended and in 1791 a bell tower was attached to it. So, by the beginning of the 19th century the church acquired its today appearance. In 1948 the Intercession Cathedral was given the status of a metropolitan church. And it retained this status even after the Annunciation Cathedral was restored in 2004.

The cathedral has a rich interior decoration. After the Annunciation Cathedral was destroyed the relics of St. Metrophanes were stored at this cathedral. When the Annunciation Cathedral was rebuilt the relics were moved there again and in the Intercession Cathedral there remained only a shrine with the relics of St. Metrophanes.