The Izmailovo Kremlin is built in the traditional Russian style of 16 century. It looks rather showy, but it must be acknowledged that the architects succeeded in reconstructing the atmosphere of a Russian town of those years. The Izmailovo Kremlin has palaces, a church and several museums.

It is surrounded by a strong wall with towers of all shapes and colors. Within the Kremlin you can see the big Palace of Russian Meal with a multi-level porch. It is opposite the wooden Church of St. Nicholas. There are many other curious buildings around these two main sights of the Izmailovo Kremlin.

There are also many shops at the Kremlin where you can master Russian folk crafts: a pottery, a folk toy and milling shop, blacksmith shop, a decorative candle shop, a bakery at the Bread Museum and many other shops.

There are also several interesting museums at the Izmailovo Kremlin. For example, you may drop in at the Vodka Museum devoted to the history of Russian vodka. Also you may visit the Bread Museum, the Russian Fleet Museum, the Russian Folk Toy Museum, the Miniature Museum and the Chocolate Museum.