Vodka Museum in the Izmaylovo Kremlin

The Vodka History Museum in the Izmaylovo Kremlin very naturally complements the picture that foreigners drew in their mind at the mention of Russia in past centuries. The Kremlin in Izmaylovo is very bright and very variegated. It was this way that it was presented in old tales, and the opportunity to have a drink of vodka with a Russian bear complements this image.

Vodka was first made in Moscow more than 500 years ago in the 15th century and over time it was in the Izmaylovo district that the tsarist enterprise for the production of vodka with wheat fields and plants was created.

At the Vodka History Museum, you can take a wonderful photo of how you drink vodka in the company of a bear. There you can also know the history of this traditional Russian drink, from the first distillation apparatus of the 15th century to modern recipes.

There you can see the vodka bottles and labels that were used at different times, as well as the measuring vessels used to drink vodka: shkalik, half-bottle of vodka, shot, stoop, shtof, bottle.