The Kastellet fortress was built in the 18th century at the entrance to the Harbor of Copenhagen and protected it from the North. The stone walls have not been preserved, but the high star-shaped bastions and canals still make an impression. However, now the fortress is more like a Park and everyone comes to walk along the paths along the bastions.

The construction of the fortress was started under king Frederick III on the site of an old redoubt of the 17th century. He failed to protect Denmark during the Northern war. The Swedish king Charles XII in 1700, with the amphibious operation, besieged Copenhagen and took Denmark out of the war. After that, it was decided to build here a powerful fortress.

The new fortress was originally called the Citadel of Frederikshavn, but today it is better known as the Fortress of Kastellet. The fortress is built with massive bastions arranged in the form of a five-pointed star, which take into account the increased power of artillery. Previously, there were stone walls and towers, but then they fell into disrepair and were dismantled. In the 19th century, there was a prison.

Today, The Kastellet Fortress is a tourist attraction with walking alleys along the bastions. You can enter it by the only bridge on the side of Winston Churchill Park. In the center of the fortress there is a Dutch mill of the 19th century. There are preserved barracks, on the bastions mounted guns of the 18-19 centuries.