Krasnaya Polyana ski resort is located 50 kilometers from the Black Sea coast. Thanks to the high ridge of the Caucasus mountains on the Black Sea coast, Sochi has a subtropical climate. However, Krasnaya Polyana, despite its close distance to Sochi, is located in a different climate zone of the highlands.

Krasnaya Polyana resort is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level in a gorge cut for several tens of kilometers by the Mzymta river. This is the most full-flowing river that flows into the Black Sea. From the south, the Aibga mountain range rises above Krasnaya Polyana, and from the North – the Achishkho mountain range. The height of both ridges is in a range 2500 m.

For many decades, Krasnaya Polyana was a small village. Even smaller village Esto-Sadok was located nearby. The 2014 Olympic games changed everything. All competitions in winter sports were held here. After the Olympics in Krasnaya Polyana, a world-class sports and tourism cluster was formed here.

In winter, Krasnaya Polyana becomes a ski resort. There are 4 ski complexes built in 4 different parts of the ski slopes. The main place for skiing is Rosa Khutor. The total length of the trails reaches 102 km. Three other complexes have a significantly smaller ski area, but they are used for variety: Gorki Gorod (the total length of the trails is 30 km), Gazprom Laura and Gazprom Alpika (the total length of the trails is 23 km).

In summer, Krasnaya Polyana also attracts many tourists with its recreational opportunities of mountain trails and routes, which thanks to the cable cars have become accessible even for untrained tourists.

The main clusters of hotels are located on the banks of the Mzymta river. Many hotels of all levels were built in the villages of Esto-Sadok and Rosa Khutor. On the highlands, above the village of Esto-Sadok, the village of Gorki Gorod was built. There are also many hotels, including the world`s highest-level chains. There are casinos in Krasnaya Polyana.

In the gorge along the Mzymta riverbed there are several places that will be interesting to visit. This is an Ethnographic village "My Russia", where houses are built in the architectural style of various Russian regions, from the South to Siberia. Near the village there is a Hiking route “Health Trail” (2 km). It starts near the lake “Rose Beach”, and goes along the slope of Psekhako mountain.

On the northern slope of the Aibga ridge is the Polikaria waterfall (70 meters), the highest in the Krasnodar Region. It can be reached by mountain trails, using the cable car from the village of Gorki Gorod. 

From the Gorki Gorod, you should climb to the highest point on the mount Aibga. Here you can walk along the routes Panorama, Alpine meadows, Relict forest and Bear waterfall, the Valley of Rhododendrons.

Be sure to visit the Park Mendelkha waterfalls. You have to climb the cable car from Rosa Khutor, and then go down to the opposite side of the mountain on the Elelweis cable car. Park Mendelikha divided into two circles – Big and Small. Here you can see 7 different waterfalls and just enjoy the beautiful mountain views. In the same area, there is a beautiful route "Stone pillar".

If you want to spend a few days in Krasnaya Polyana, you can consider at least 20 Hiking routes. On the way to Krasnaya Polyana over the Akhshtyrsky gorge is an extreme Park Sky park. The farthest route is to the lake Kardyvach. It passes through the territory of the Caucasus reserve, and requires a pass from border guards. It will take 4 days to go to Lake Kerdyvach.