Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery was established in Zimovenka, near Shebekino, in 1992. In 1993 the monastery got a metochion on Svyato-Troitsky Boulevard in Belgorod.

The Belgorod Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery was established based on the statute of the Moscow Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery, which was founded in 1909 by Elizabeth Feodorovna after the death of her husband, Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich Romanov. The nuns of the Moscow monastery had to give spiritual and educational and medical aid to those in need. At the monastery there were opened a hospital, an outpatient clinic, an asylum and a free dining place.

In Belgorod the Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery was built on the site of two churches, the Intercession Church (1791) and the Assumption Cathedral of St. Nicholas (1701). In the Soviet period the church buildings were occupied by a transit prison. The chapel of Royal Passion Bearers and New Martyrs was erected on the place of executions. At the monastery there was established the «sisterhood of mercy» helping to the ill and taking care of the disabled.

Beyond the monastery walls, in the center of Svyato-Troitsky Boulevard, St. Ioasaph public garden is located where the monument to St. Ioasaph was installed.