The Victory Park is at the heart of Belgorod on the bank of the Vezelka river. On the east it is faced by the museum-diorama «Battle of Kursk». The Alley of Heroes leading into the park begins at the museum-diorama. The alley is flanked by the busts of 12 citizens of Belgorod who were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

The Alley of Heroes gives on to the square with the monument to Georgy Zhukov. The monument «The Victory in the Great Patriotic War» was installed in the central alley of the Victory Park by the 40th anniversary of the victory in 1985.

The Vezelka river is very wide at the park and is spanned by a pedestrian bridge. One can have a boat ride on the river. There are many fountains and walking alleys in the park, as well as a summer concert platform.