BM-13, multiple rocket launcher system, first appeared in the Soviet army during World War II and was then called «Katyusha». The famous systems Grad, Smerch, Uragan and Tornado were designed after the war there.  Several models of MRLS are presented at the museum.

The first artillery rockets were developed by Soviet scientists in the 20th of the past century. And in 1939-41 there was finished the development of the truck-mounted MRLS. A battery of MRLS (Katyusha) fired its first volley on August 3, 1941 at Kingisepp.

After the war the development of Grad, one of the world`s best MRLSs, was headed by Alexander Ganichev at NPO «Splav» (alloy) in Tula. Mass production of these systems was carried out at the Motovilikha Plants in Perm. At the museum you can see several modifications of Grad systems. 

A separate section is devoted to various air defense systems: self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles «Shilka» (1962), self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems «Buk» (1980) and «Krug» (1965). You can also see the missile system С-72 used as a base for the development of the missile systems С-125 «Pechera», С-300 and С-400.  The museum also has two strategic-tactic ballistic missile systems: «Elbrus» (1967) and Luna-М (1964).